Meals on Wheels Ravenshoe

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Meals on Wheels did get a New Car.

With a grant from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund MoW Ravenshoe did get a car that is suitable to get meals to clients on remote properties with rough drives. 

Specially in the wet season this car will make it possible to keep on serving people. Coordinator Benno is very pleased and will continue the good work.

Ravenshoe provided lunch for Targa Rally Competitors and the public.

A great event for Ravenshoe with spectacular cars.

New Prices per the first of January 2018 

Main      -  $ 7.50

Soup      -  $ 2.50

Dessert  - $ 2.50

Coordinator Benno Janzen organized 

the set-up for the 900 sandwiches that had to be prepared. 35 volunteers helped throughout the weekend.

We all had a fantastic day. 

Fast Cars on Targa Rally 2018

Our kitchen team prepares the meals on 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

They are all well trained enthusiastic 

volunteers who do work with dedication and use fresh local ingredients as much 

as possible. 

The meals do look good and are tasty as well!

The drivers will deliver the meals to your door.